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Karin Nygårds is one of Sweden’s most renowned primary teachers. In february 2013, she started to program with her 4th grade students at Sjöstadsskolan in Stockholm in Swedish class. She started without telling anyone and despite the fact that there is no programming in the curriculum. She strongly believe that understanding code is essential for kids today, and because of that, she decided she had to teach them what’s not yet in the curriculum. The programming lessons were a success and the principal of the school gave her free hands to develop her own subject and her own curriculum in Digitalkunskap (Digital skills).

Karin is part time at Sjöstadsskolan, in charge of educating all students and teachers to become digital smart. Rest of the time she spends trying to change the Swedish curriculum to include coding and other skills that are needed in a digital society.

May 2014 Received the Trevor Dolan scholarship for being
May 2014 Nominated as one of three as “the teacher of the year” in Stockholm.
May 2014 Ranked 39th of the 50 most powerful women in IT, in Sweden by the
magazine Computer Sweden.
Oct 2014 Nominated as top three for the annual national award “Guldäpplet”,
(the golden apple).

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